Best of the Northland 2015

Northtown Auto Service has been awarded a Silver Award (2nd place) for Best Auto Repair Shop in the Northland. We would like to thank our loyal customers!


Best of Kansas City 2012

Best Auto Service
Northtown Auto Service

The damn thing won't start. Now a quick trip into CVS for a new toothbrush has turned into a two-hour wait for a tow. If you have any luck left today, Tim from Recovery Tow will roll up, drag your broke-ass car onto his wrecker, and whisk you across the Heart of America Bridge to Northtown Auto Service, where since 1975, Ted and Russell Phillips have been fixing what ails your ride. If it's a Sunday, drop a note and your key in the box and you'll get a call the next day with an update. Of course, they explain what they're doing — and how much it's gonna cost — before they start cranking. But they work fast. In less than 24 hours, they'll crack the mystery of the nonstarting car and have it back to you at a fair price.

Best of Kansas City 2011

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Best Auto Mechanic - Northtown Auto Service

Best of Kansas City 2009

Best Auto Service
Northtown Auto

Since 1986, Ted and Russell Phillips and their crew of trusty mechanics at Northtown Auto have been installing shocks and struts, aligning wheels, rebuilding starters and alternators, and repairing electrical systems in imported and domestic vehicles in every make and year and model. In the clean, bright, pleasant lobby of the garage, located on the corner of 14th Street and Burlington, those with car problems big or small (no body work, please) are greeted by Big Pun (the dog), and friendly associates carefully explain each service (and its cost) before digging in. These guys are quick, honest and thorough, and they'll give you a lift elsewhere in the Northland or even back downtown. Beep beep!